Ties During Elevation

SC6 talks about the elevation and how socring points work. In the second example, two robots on the same tier got the same number of points (one robot was above them, and one was still on the floor). My question is how the following senario is scored:

Robot1: tier E
Robot2: tier C
Robot3: tier C
Robot4: tier A

Robot1 would get 20 pts, robots 2 and 3 would get 15pts, but what does Robot4 get? 5pts for the lowest robot of four or 10pts since 2 qnd 3 tied for second making 4 third?

Acording to the score calculator in the app, Robot4 would get 10pts, but I want a little more clearification/more opinions.

The manual states that the highest tier gets 20 points, the second tier gets 15 points and so on. Meaning that the in your scenario, even though the robot 4 is the 4th highest, it is in the third highest tier, meaning that it would receive 10 points.