Tightening 6-32 × 0.25in. Screws (Motor screws)

I was wondering what everyone uses to keep these motor screws tight inside the motor. I am currently not using bearing flats due to lack of space and as a result, these screws come loose after an hour or so of driving. I’ve tried tightening them with the ball screwdriver, allen keys, and the normal hexagon screwdrivers.
I have attached a picture of what the screws look like:
Any help would be great.
Thanks in advance.

Our team actually switched to these screws (and not using bearings) because they came loose much less often. We applied some loctite to the screws a few years ago, and even though it’s worn off from reuse it helps a lot.

Something like this

Buy these screws:
Screw 6-32 x 0.500" Locking (100-pack)

Also note each 393 motor comes with 4 locking screws in the box (2 short and 2 long). Usually good for 3-4 uses.

we will be buying the torx screws for the motor when they come out. We currently use torx (or star drive) on our entire robot. You don’t need loctite on those things! You can tighten them until the heads strip off the body. The actual head never strips. EVER. Enough said :slight_smile:

I would still recommend loctite for these screws just to prevent them from vibrating loose. Also somehow we’ve managed to strip out several torx screws…

again, I have tightened these till i thought they would break off, but they haven’t. I have only had one screw fall out, and it was because i didn’t tighten it well. And I can’t believe that you managed to strip one of those guys out, because our team has yet to do so. I guess this is robotics though, and we usually find a way to break everything; no matter how hard it is, we always find the oddest ways to break them also. :slight_smile:

Its still a good idea to loctite them. We use them for our whole robot but we also loctite them.