Tilt sensor in the legacy controller

hi all
I was wondering if there was a tilt sensor in the controller and how I would be able to use this in programming.
here is an image image
thank you

what programming environment are you using?

robot C is the studio I am useing

this is 4 the v4 controller and cortex

Just by looking at this, I would say there’s no tilt sensor in the V5 controller. Tilt Sensor is listed under VEXnet Joystick and Rumble Motor is listed under V5 Wireless Controller.

yes I am wondering how I can program useing the tilt sensor



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o this is the tilt sensor. I thought you could tilt the controller and it could controll the robot

Yes, did you read the thing I linked you?

yes but is this the code to make a robot move based on the degrees of the controller to the ground?

Yes, this is the code you need. My teams have tried it and found it is not a great way to control the robot in competition. They would get too excited and over-control the robot.

ok thank you for the help