Tilted intakes?

I was wondering how some teams tilt their intakes… See this video for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1JD4CqJb4Y
^it’s the 46535k reveal
thanks in advance

what do you mean by tilted? like at an angle? you simple mount it on an angle

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Yes but how exactly do you do that? Which kind of piece do you use?

you could use many pieces. 45 degree gussets, or just angle a c channel and find holes that line up.


ok thanks - but what do you mean by


bend it.


most simple way is to slam a piece against another at an angle and make the holes line up


But I don’t understand - in what way do the pieces need to interlock?

just screw one c channel into another

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Screw them together on the angle you want

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sorry for the mass amount of questions but where exactly do you screw the pieces together?

in the holes, the square ones


You’ll have to do some adjustment on what angle you’ll need. Try to use triangulation of parts to create an angle.

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yeah, those square holes in the metal, you screw into those to connect metal

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thanks for the help

I’d say just put it on some kind of hinge and then give it a physical stop at the right height. (Easier to adjust angle).


Vex holes are 0.182” wide squares. The standard screws they provide are 8-32 (0.1640 major diameter). Because of this, there is a lot of wiggle room (play) in vex parts, meaning you can move the screw into one corner and have another screw in a completely different corner and screw it in. This sucks, but it is what it is. A side effect of this is that you can put two pieces of channel together and make one screw in one corner and another a few holes away in the opposite corner of the hole and you can create an angle. This is annoying for aligning parts, but I guess it helps in your case if you don’t want to drill your own hole or use gussets.
Another option is to simply create a triangle out of 2 c channels with the third one at the angle you want.