Tilted robot

Let me expand on the “Robot on the ramp” question: What if the robot is tilted for some other reason?

The original idea coming from my kids - have a mechanism, say an extendable leg, that can voluntarily tilt the robot - is clearly illegal, the rules say it will be measured in all such configurations, and with the tilting leg extended, when placed on level surface, a 20x13" robot will become “bigger”.
On the other extreme is a 20x13 robot wobbling when moving around (or imagine a robot legally extended to 40" high unintentionally tripping over and falling) - that should be legal, in my opinion.
But there is whole lot of room in between - say a 20x13" robot that intentionally balances on one edge - in no static configuration, when placed on a level surface, does it cross the limit, but the software makes it able to lean much farther…
Common sense tells me the rules were written specifically to prohibit robots reaching into the goal and to enforce shooting or throwing, but you know how amazing the Vex IQ teams are - no one envisioned an 8-stacker either…

Your common sense is correct. :slight_smile:

We will be penalizing teams who violate this rule and gain a scoring advantage because of this. There will be some new wording in the June 15th version of the manual which addresses this topic. Our intent is never to penalize teams who accidentally violate this rule in an inconsequential way. Our intent is also to prevent teams from violating this rule and then gain an advantage which allows them to score more points.