Tilter cant stack in a program

Hi, my team is having some problems with stacking, if we move our tilter motor with the cortex device menu thing it works fine and can stack about 9 with rubber bands. If we run the tilter in a program it will just click the gears and not move.
Our tilter is a 1:7 with a 100rpm motor

That would be a builder error if it clicks the gears. If everything is working in the program and it is going the right way then it is a building error and you will need to fix this.


but it does stack in the device motor control, which makes me think that it is not a build error. Also with programing, it is spinning in the correct direction and the rest of the programing is fine.

Post the code, that’s the only way for anyone to suggest improvements.

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code is now posted in original post

In the device menu you slowly ramp the RPM of the motor up from 0. In your code you instantly set the motor’s speed to 100%; this causes a far greater force to be applied to your lifting mechanism due to the a (acceleration) in F=ma being significantly larger than when in the device menu.


ok, that makes sense, i didn’t even think about that. How would i implement that into my current code?

In your code I would start off at a lower RPM. There are a few other things that you could do like current limiting, custom PID, or slew rate control, but ultimately the main problem here is in the physical construction of your tray lifter’s gearbox. You need to build it such that the gears cannot skip when subjected to these kinds of forces.