Tilter doesn't have enough force to tilt the goal all the way

Hi all,

So I’ve been having trouble with this for a while now. Our 1 piston mech won’t tilt the goal enough. I think if I move the piston up and out more, it will have more force to tilt? Can anyone confirm this or come up with other methods?

Here are pics

Any help would be appreciated


3 possible solutions for you

  1. Add more cylinders. This doubles the amount of force you can output, but it will consume more air and it requires owning another piston.

  2. Add more rubber bands. This means that your lift will have a slower time opening but it will be able to close faster and apply more pressure to the goal.

  3. More the piston further from the pivot point. Since T=Fd, if you move the piston further from the pivot point, the torque applied to the tilter is increased, however, the angle that the tiler moves, will decrease.

  1. not possible
  2. also not possible (at 3 rn and it barely opens)
  3. yeah I think thats what i was trying to say, idk if i worded it weirdly or not.

Thank you!


My team recommends a regulator that is tightened because it adds more pressure (they said that I am not good with pneumatics so if it does not work it is not my fault).


Try moving the point where it contacts the goal upwards so you get more leverage

Can’t, as the goal is barely able to be grabbed by the tilter as is

You need to modify the geometry of your lever for it to have enough leverage to work while being able to grab the goal at the same time, how you do that is up to you

edit: the cylinder also doesn’t appear to be normal to the lever at its clamped point, you’ll get more torque if you fix that

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That was what I was going for, to make the piston pull in instead of down

1 was possible :smiling_imp:

it works now
(its fly)