Tilter Joints

What are some designs to achieve this type of joint?

You mean something like 8059A’s tray design?


Yes, how do they achieve that joint?
(I changed the question btw)

I used hinges for mine. But my intake is a vertical passive intake that has 3 sections (2 joints), I’m not sure if hinges work for trays.

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Well it isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but here is the answer to my question…

Though I did think of a different mechanism to achieve a similar thing which might work and is what I was look for.


It would be sturdier to round out the corner (marked in black) of one of the L-Channels and have the screw rotate on the L-Channel (marked red) instead of a 1x1 plate that can easily bend.


You can also make a super basic version of that using bearing blocks.

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that wouldn’t work because it would only be able to rotate 90 degrees. you want 180 degree motion, otherwise you wont be able to fold up your tray

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Ahh makes sense.
Then in that case wouldn’t a 3 mm offset fix it then? (If it were applied into the design with previous response)

yes, but then your tray gets tighter in the second stage, which isn’t terrible if you only have 2 stages, but with more stages it may become an issue. a better solution might be to use something stronger then bars, like metal lock bars, or 1x1 angles somehow.


This is a picture of our joint