Tilter Skipping

My filter’s gears slip under high loads, such as tilting a full tray of cubes forwards. Max is 7 cubes
The gear slips and makes that awful snap noise and I’m not quite sure what is causing it/what I can do to fix it.
Am I the only one with this issue?

A few pics btw
The smaller 18 tooth gear is using a HS shaft, all the others are normal

make sure you’re using bearings, that your shafts are all properly supported, and that none of your shafts can flex or bend.


Unless your shaft isn’t secured at both ends it might have to do with entire segments bending out of the way. As I found when I had issues with our differential transmission, there might not be a great fix.

Try to get like a slo mo video of the gears slipping, that’ll help you figure out where to add support.


I took the video @Deicer but I couldnt seem to find out why. Could you (or anyone else) help me figure it out?

you’ll have to change viewing permissions, I can’t see it.

Ok, I changed it. Sorry about that

Are both gears on the same piece of metal?

That small gear looks a bit angled, but all of your shafts are moving - I must be missing something. I can’t tell what shaft spins the actual tilter, but do you see it spinning? If so your tilter just needs to be properly connected to the shaft.

EDIT: are you using lock plates to connect the shaft to the tilter? it’s probably broken.

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The gear ratio is compounded. I dont have any lock bars.
Where is most of the strain coming from?

, no, the driven gear and driving gear are on two separate pieces

at any case somewhere there is a connection where one side of the equation is moving and the other is not. I suspect it is the connection from your output shaft to the structure of the tilter. I can’t see this connection in the video, so I’m asking if you see the output shaft rotating as it should.


If possible try putting a spacer between the gears and the metal. I don’t know if this will help much, but it will remove friction between the two.

How far are the gears from each other? Get a picture of the gears side by side perhaps that are too far apart.

I didn’t look at the video but what I did is I did a 1:7 ratio for the tilter and used a green insert for the 84t gear and put a screw through the big gear. Then I just used 12t gear on 100rpm with an HS axle and this setup works well enough to get at least 12 cubes.

Interesting. A 1:ratio with 100 rpm can get 12 cubes? I’ll have to look into that

Sorry I don’t have any good pictures of my robot right now but this is a CAD of my tilter. It doesn’t skip and can push more than 10 cubes. It is a 1:7 gear ratio and the motor is a 100 RPM.



We have a 5:1 100RPM tilter that works for 9 (maybe more). Make sure you use screw joints where possible, and try replacing the gears because they might he stripped. If you are using a parallel 4 bar for the tilter/tray, consider offsetting it because you can increase its mechanical advantage that way.

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Are your gears cantilevered? That’ll do it for sure.

If this is the case, a fix can be as simple as slapping a 1x bar connecting gears between the gear and collar. (Be sure to use bearings if spacing allows.)

Don’t use this solution if avoidable

Last minute ditch-all fix:

Literally zip tie shafts together. It’ll increase friction, and it’s a really janky solution. But, it works in a pinch. I like to think it’s saved me in the past when I didn’t have time/space to figure out a better solution.

Zip ties are the duct tape of Vex. But you wouldn’t use duct tape permanently to fix a leaky faucet.