Time Attack Game Concept?

So, I was thinking (as you do), and I was thinking about how soooooo many of this years matches are literally decided in the first 15 seconds after auton, as showcased in this video (no hate to the teams who do this, given the chance, I would have done it myself, considering it is a pretty foolproof strategy to win). How can we solve this? Well, I think I have a solution.

Introducing… Time Attack mode! Basically, points INCREASE as the match goes on, meaning teams will have to change their strategies to maximize points while minimizing their opponent’s points.

So what’s different? A bulk possession rule. I imagine that this would cause teams to have to time their scoring properly, in a way such that you want to maximize your score, but also so your opponents would not be able to steal the game objects away from under your noses. This also prevents the aforementioned case of games being decided in the first 30 seconds, since it’s going to have to be a competitive game all throughout the 2 minutes for the scoring to be maximized.

Of course, this might be hard for referees to keep track of, but it’s just a concept, and I do not expect anyone to take it very seriously. I just think it would be cool to have a game where timing is REALLY important.

Also do keep in mind that what I have described is VERY vague. It is less of a detailed game concept and more of a mode concept, a sort of framework that future games might fit into or might not. Obviously the methods of scoring and scoring itself will change from game to game.


I think it’s a great idea, but as you mentioned, the implementation would be challenging. While there is a hoarding rule, maybe a holding rule could be implemented, preventing teams from holding two or more mobile goals at a time for more than twenty seconds or so. The holding rule would not apply in the last 30, 45, or 60 seconds. A team could hold one goal the entire match, but any additional goals that the robot holds would be subject to be the holding rule. This rule would prevent scenarios as you showed and could create a potentially more engaging game.

On a further thought, maybe adding two neutral goals with a minute left in the match could great some more interesting gameplay. If an alliance is using the tactics of 4478D and 48425A, the opposing alliance might be able to win, if not, get the score very close.

This could work well in A slightly modified Tower Takeover, if the refs can keep track of when points are scored

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