Time for a VEX GO category?

I would be very excited to share my experience with VEX GO and read yours on this forum, but I can’t find a category for this product line… Don’t you think it would be nice to have a dedicated one ?


Why not post them in Chit chat and see if you get other responses. I’ve stayed away from GO for my perception of incompatibility with other systems.

I’m really interested to here more about what you mean by incompatibility with other systems.

Welcome to the forum @zepom!


Seems appropriate that the vex forum would cover the vex products…



I was hoping for more of the ability to drag motors from one environment into another. I’m always looking for pathways. So the Hexbug motors would work with GO. Or Go motors could work with IQ. Likewise I was bummed that V5 didn’t have bigger motors AND allowed for VIQ motors for smaller tasks. And I think for teachers that uses IQ in the classroom, the GO electromagnet would be a nice feature.

I try to get people to buy the Hexbug to try out the concepts to see if that is something they are interested in. So it is good that the plastic goes from Go to VIQ Middle School. As it is I push people that think they may want to do IQ to not buy the motorized versions since they won’t be compatible.


I think vex go should just be in other, similar to hexbug kits just because there arent enough posts about it to warrant it’s own category. And I also dont expect the kids who use vex go to post on the forums.

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