Time to go Shopping!

It’s been a great few years for 6430 VRC, we’ve enjoyed so much getting to know all of the teams and playing with the best in the world. We have been very fortunate having a team undefeated in World quals last year and this year, never made the RR but learned a ton and had a great time!

In closing out 6430 VRC (focusing on IQ for a while), we are going to sell much of our inventory, all of it at half price. I have attached a spreadsheet, feel free to PM me if you are interested. Much of the inventory has been used, but is all in good condition. I have not gone through the motors yet, we have about 60 left, but will and they will come with 3.5A PTC trip times to help sort the best. I will also be going through the aluminum, gussets, etc… as I have time this month. Also need to get prices on for the individual pieces. If I have so much left to do why post?, because I’d like to gauge interest and would be glad to set things aside if you PM me and want some stuff that isn’t ready yet (like motors) so you can have them all shipped at once.

We also have for sale a battery charger/reconditioner, i206B (only used to cycle batteries, never to charge for tournaments). It is a great unit with low hours. And, a battery beak with VEX battery cable that was only used for World’s this year (great unit for the team members for making sure they charged batteries at the field and have picked the best ones).

Please be patient, may take a few days to get the paypal and shipping setup.

Whatever does not sell on the forum will go onto eBay.
Inventory.xlsx (16.4 KB)

So are the 6430 VRC Teams officially retired? Will you guys never compete in Vex again? Its sad to see a great robotics brand leave VRC.

We are out most likely out for the next 2-3 years in VRC, doing MS IQ for now. May start VRC back up in a few. Had a blast though, learned a bunch year by year and the kids made some great friends.

Sorry for changing topics, but what made you decide to switch to IQ?

We have been in IQ for a couple of years. Just moving that forward from elementary to MS.

Hmmm. Maybe I’m reading this wrong, but it seems like your selling some things for around twice as much as the normal price on say, RobotMesh? Maybe I’m just being stupid and please corect me if I’m wrong.

Other than that, I may see about buying some wires depending on what the price ends up being :slight_smile:

So for example
276-2169 Gear Kit 1 ea $ 13.00 $ 6.50

They are saying they have 1 gear kit and the price new would be 13$

But that they will sell it for 6.50. All the items say the price for the components new and then say the price @TriDragon is charging.

I agree “new price” sounds like this is the price they are selling for but it actually is the price to buy new components.

Ok. So it was just me being dumb :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for clearing up confusion :slight_smile:

Do you have an updated list of what you have left?

@Powerbelly I sent you a PM

Please send me a list too (updated)

@TriDragon we might be interested but would you mind converting the spread sheet to google docs ( some of our computers do not have office 365). Thanks!

Hi @TriDragon we are also interested please could you send a link to us too.

As others have also requested, could I also have a list of the remaining parts? Thank you.

@Tridragon (i found a computer with excel) do you still happen to have a potentiometer, battery beak with cable, 2 battery clips, partner joystick, or cable clips? Also, do you have any aluminum parts? Thanks!

Will PM you today, thanks.

I realize I’m a little late to the game, but I may be interested as well if you happen to have any supplies remaining. Regardless, thanks in advance!

Can you PM me too? Thanks!

We are interested. If possible, we would also like an updated list. Are you selling your partner joysticks as well? Or just the items with prices?

New here. But I am interested in your list too. Can you send me?