TImed Run timers set to Vex IQ times

I was playing around with the timed run option when selecting the competition code for my robot and noticed that the run times are that of VEX IQ. Where there is 15 seconds for autonomous and 1 min and 45 secs for driver controlled. I dug through the VCS api and did not find a method to change these settings for VEX EDR. So, I have come here for help. Is there a way to change that setting? I know when we used the old coding studio we could set the time.

you must be using old vexos firmware, we fixed that a while ago. update to 1.0.5

I am using the update 1.0.5 firmware on the brain. Where is the setting to change to change it? I am using the competition code template.

ok, I though you meant the times displayed on the controller for timed run.
There is no setting to change this. The actual time for autonomous and driver control is determined by the field control system.

@jpearman on a side note, is wireless download now enabled?

It’s in beta test with our partner developers.
When they have finished testing they will release, that’s likely to be PROS and RobotMesh in the short term, I have no idea when the VCS team will have an update.

ok thx!