Timer Accuracy V5

I am just getting started with my new V5 kits for the coming school year. I noticed that the timer is off by a constant 1.5 factor. That is, if you want to run something for T seconds, you need to divide the timer value by 1.5 in a command like “until timer = T/1.5 …”

This is true whether the brain is connected to a PC or not.

Has anyone else noticed this? Is there a better solution?

can you give more details ? The timers should be very accurate, how are you testing ?

I think user is using a Robot Mesh Studio Blockly program and I’m following up.


Confirmed a bug in our Timer.elapsed_time() python method. We’ll test the fix and release a hotfix to Robot Mesh Studio Python on Monday. This would also impact RMS Blockly programs using the Timer blocks.



Fix now released to the online Robot Mesh Studio programming software. The elapsed time, as read by Timer.elapsed_time() is now accurate in all circumstances.


Yes, works great now. Thank you!