timers and light sensors

I am running into a wall being that I am very new to vex and don’t have a total understanding of syntax and logic flow. I am trying to have a light sensor read for a specific amount of time, if the sensor reads a specific level of light for 30 seconds, it then triggers a motor that raises a curtain. Once the curtain reaches full height, the sensor then needs to look for another level that will then trigger the curtain to go down. This is all happening from dusk to dawn, the curtain goes up at dusk revealing a large lighting fixture that then stays on all night, when it shuts off that is the second trigger for the curtain to lower. My confusion stems on how to correctly write the program. Any suggestions as to how I could expedite the lurning curve on timers? I have already had to postpone one opening and would like to make sure I don’t miss another, plus any help I can get is invaluable to me. I am supposed to reinstall my New Years eve so time is a bit of a crunch right now.

The help file is very good, you will notice almost every dialog in easyc has a help button for easy navigation. It may help you to visualize the program if you write it down first.

Take A reading of light
Is the value what I want?
If it is start a timer
Check the sensor every so often
if the sensor is wrong reset the timer to 0
if it is right after 30 seconds
turn on a motor till it hits a switch to make it stop
Change the target light value
go back to checking the light