Timing monitor mount location?

In setting up the new Starstruck field, where are people mounting the timing monitor so competitors can see it? With the fence in the middle, there does not seem to be an obvious location where both sides can see it equally. In NBN, I always saw it mounted between the two nets facing both teams, but I have not yet seen a photo or video with a monitor mounted for Starstruck.

It’s supposed to be mounted right in the middle of the field opposite the driver stations, so the screen is bisected by the fence.

It is kind of unfortunate that there isn’t a better place; although I haven’t seen how badly the fence blocks the screen yet.

According to VEX the Tournament Manager Software will split the monitor into two sections so both teams can easily see the timer from their side.

I was just trying this, and I can’t find any way to configure it to split the monitor. Looks like a traditional display. Where did you see that VEX said it would split the screen?

VEX Event Partner Summit. DWAB Technology was working on it, but I don’t remember when they said it would be done/ready.

Anybody have any up to date information on when DWB will have a new version for split display? Just finished building a Starstruck field for the first time last night, and it reminded me of the issue.

In some of the videos from tournaments, I have seen monitors mounted on one side or the other, but that clearly gives one team an advantage.

You could use a stand or a surface that sits above the fence.