Tip for consistent auton

My team is having a really hard time with consistent auton, are there tips that can help us improve it. Thanks

Tell us a little about your bot. If you include a video, our advice will be a lot more helpful to you.

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You could use something to make sure the robot is aligned the same way on a tile every match such as a piece of 1x2x1.


i don’t have picture of it right now, but it is a 3 staged tray bot with non flip out intake. we also have stabilizer that flip out when the bot move forward. i will send you some picture when i have it.

My first piece of advice is to change your category… This is in IQ and the people that would help you aren’t looking here.


we try our best to align it with the un-protected line of cube every-match, but wondering if our tray flip out make it misalign

Are you using V5 or Cortex?

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How much experience do u have. Don’t wanna suggest something too crazy but I think it’s on everybody’s mind

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i think we are pretty good, for me its the first year but for my teammate it has been their third year. And we are doing pretty ok this season.

we are using V5 right now

Any good coders? Can they code sensors rly well

Without creating functions, the easiest way to make it accurate is to start it off and in the beginning position. Turn the robot off and then use the motor readouts to figure out what you should set the motor(s) to rotate to. Using rotateTo and rotateFor will help here. Using sensors such as potentiometers will help with exact position locating of different aspects of the bot but this makes it somewhat harder to code but much more precise.

our coder is ok, he still have to learn alot

thanks, let me talk to my coder and see what he can do

K then nvm. For what I was going to suggest u need a really firm grounding in cpp. People in our region use a premise tool and put it against the corner of the field and adjust accordingly.

Out of curiosity, what were you going to suggest? Can’t hurt to make my code better.

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Position tracking. Odometry. Chassis PID. The works


Consider setting your chassis to stop for 0.2 or so seconds after one movement is over. For example move forward and intake cubes. Stop for 0.2 sec. Turn to goal zone. Stop for 0.2 sec.

This is mostly for first year teams: don’t you dare use time for your driving in auton, at least use encoder ticks. The different battery levels will throw of the distance the bot goes if you use time.


Try to get a gyro sensor because it helps with turning but be careful with them
Somehow my teams gyro read -1668 degrees and kept going
Hopefully vex starts selling gyros again

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