TiP Mogo carrier ideas

We have most of our robot built but we need some different ideas for a Mogo carrier. We have a few of the most popular ideas already, like the fork carrier that is on the Moby bot, but none of them work for our bot. Is anybody else trying something different or unique?

Here are a couple of ideas that others have come up with.

In this reveal there is an interesting carrier on the side of DOGO, which is pretty compact around 47 seconds in.

There are a bunch of unique ideas in this tournament, 169Y has a clamp, 3141A has a chain bar to lift the goals, and even a 8110X who just a V5 claw works surprisingly well.

38141B Also has a claw, although I would think it is a little more sophisticated.

And this norcal ri3d has a itz type lift, which was also popular at the Benton county fair tournament

And there is probably even more out there that I missed, but that should give you a few ideas.


Here are some videos that better show the robots you talked about:


8110X & 3141A-


claw gang on top!!!

It really depends on what you are going for though, If you want to hold onto a mogo with stability and to put rings on it amoby bot lift or ITZ lift seems great. If you wanna lift up the mogos a claw seems to work best. I had found that its hard to use a forklift to put mogos on a platform and that’s why we ended up making a claw. The little polycarb lip on the platform is annoying for this. The DOGO lift looks cool but difficult to quickly hook the mogo with.


thanks for the videos guys, they should help very much. We’re trying something a little bit like the Harvard-Westlake robots’ main goal carrier. Here’s what we came up with: mogo_carrier_2021-Aug-20_08-09-35PM-000_CustomizedView17137713314


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