Tip Neutral Mobile Goal for Easier 10pts

I know this might be difficult to do in practice, but theoretically, do goals scored on an intentionally tipped over neutral mobile goal still count? This strategy could reduce the effort required to make the robot go really high up (it’s like 40 inches tall?).

Also, if someone steals neutral MOGOs to their home zone, do any rings the opposing alliance put count towards the one who stole; towards the one who put them; or not count at all? I couldn’'t find what part of the manual talks about this behavior, if any.


Is there anything that say you can’t do this in the manual?

Look closely at the game definitions of scored for rings and mogos.

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I assume you mean rings on a tipped neutral goal.

And yes, they count. If you tip the tall neutral goal over, you should theoretically be able to put 4-5 rings on whichever branch is closest to facing upwards. However, it would be easy to descore and potentially difficult to do under defense or cluttered conditions.

I do think it could be a viable strategy though.

Rings on neutral goals are worth points for the alliance that has the goal in their home zone, regardless of how the goal or rings got there.