Tipped Cones

Alright. So people haven’t talked often about what to do with tipped cones. I’ve got some questions for discussion:

  1. For those at worlds who had time to handle the game objects, how easy do you think the cones are to tip? Any potential strategies to correct their orientation?

  2. Has anyone considered just leaving the cones tipped over or potentially hoarding them to prevent the other alliance from taking them?

Sorry, but as what I heard they didn’t sell the game objects, nor allowed us to touch it (we left to the Kentucky theme park so I may be wrong though). But I believe we do have a strategy in mind for picking up tipped cones, but right now our team is behind on homework to discuss much.
EDIT//: Nevermind I realized there’s a video of people testing the new game

Do you have a link for that vid? I’d be interested in watching that.

This may be the video that was mentioned.


I got to play with them at worlds. They are really strong. Was hitting cones against each other pretty hard without leaving a mark.

How well did the mobile bases drag on the tiles?

The base is smooth so not too difficult. You do have to remember its 4 pounds though.




Each team has 20 cones to take care of. I doubt it will be this fast, but there will probably be nothing to do after a minute and there is no real endgame. Note that VEX wrote in that they may add more cones or goals for Worlds. Very strange.

I was just messin :wink: but at worlds it’ll be extremely fast especially with clearing during auton :stuck_out_tongue: