Tipped over mogo scoring?

Hello vex fourmers.

If a mogo is tipped over and there are rings in the 3 dimensional space of the bowl of the mobile goal base do those rings still count for points if the the mogo is also meeting the criteria of scored.

Would the furthest and closes rings to the mobile goal be scored?



This was covered in this thread, and the conclusion draw was… maybe? If we take the definition literally, then most likely yes, but your best bet is to either ask a Q&A or wait and hope that the GDC clarifies.


It’s uncertain whether those would count, it all depends on how you interpret the scoring definition for that vertical projection. If you take the literal definition of projecting the shape of the goal cup (either a circle or an ellipse if it’s tilted) endlessly up and down, then those wouldn’t count. But if you take it to mean a projection from the bottom of the cup endlessly outwards, perpendicular to the goal, then those would count.

Yet another thing the gdc needs, but has so far refused, to clarify


To be fair, it hasn’t even been asked in a q and a. Now the question of what scores after auton…


which ones? the ring in the cup would still be within the true vertical and the perpendicular projections of the neutral goal. And the rings on the posts don’t have to be, so they’d be fine.

true, but they have seen the thread where we discussed the issues with that particular scoring note. GDC was plenty engaged with the community when it came to the 3D printing and pneumatics discussions, which I think was great, but when there are real issues that need to be fixed, they’re nowhere to be heard.


Maybe they’re debating over this issue as we speak


they could monetize a live stream of that
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If they’ve only just now decided to make the important changes as a result of the sig rulings, it might still be a few days. It isn’t hard at all to fix the issues, but still there’s probably some process.

vex discussing morale boosting ideas


I really don’t think GDC will agree to this definition.
If they do, that will mean that the poor volunteer doing the scoring will need to pull a few strings across the field at the end of every match, just to see which rings fall within the projection.


yeah I agree that the correct way to interpret it is by the true definition of “vertical”, meaning straight upwards. Otherwise goals on their side would make rings across the whole field on the floor count as scored.

One thing that does need to be clarified though is whether that vertical projection extends infinitely upwards and downwards. because if it does, rings underneath goals on the platform would count for points. Obviously not intended by the GDC, but there seems to be a lot of interpretations going on that they probably didn’t intend.


This is actually smart thinking.

Maybe gdc needs to upgrade themselves from 2D to 3D thinking…, lol…


well they did say

“A Ring is considered Scored in a Mobile Goal Base if it is not contacting a Robot and is at least partially within the 3-dimensional vertical projection formed by the “bowl” of the Mobile Goal Base”

so they are half way there

while we are liven on a pray

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I think they could easily fix this by making it a 3d volume rather than a vertical projection.

It would be fun if projection extended infinitely in both directions, but if I was on GDC, it would make the most sense to do a mogo translation test: if you are to carefully move the goal in random direction in the horizontal plane, will the rings follow? If yes - count them, if they stay behind - don’t count them.