Tipping forward problem when going back and forth

My team has a problem about tipping forward when driving. The robot is based off of a 4 bar design that can carry a goal about 14 inches high. It happens when the robot drives forward, then quickly goes backwards when carrying the goal at max height. This causes the robot to fall forward. During a tournament, we do not want the robot to fall mid-game. Is there a solution for this with building and/or coding? Thanks.


Pictures/videos of the robot tipping would be helpful.


Adding a counterweight to the back of the robot should work but I can’t do too much to help you unless i have a picture of the robot.


If you don’t already have a rear lift for a goal, I would add one, it acts as a counterweight, an easier option would be to make a small slide out anti-tip bar with small wheels.


That works. Thank you!

Counterweight in the back, anti-tips in the front, anti-tips in the back (to counterbalance), or moving the lift towards the center of your robot might help. You could also try reversing slower while driving, or putting a max speed change per second limit in the code.

We have a mechanism like this. We have a forklift like thing that picks up a mobile goal during autonomous, and we can keep it so we don’t tip over.

While a counterweight might work, this is mainly a driving issue. When driving any bot, movements should be fluid and never flick the joystick.

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