tipping help

hi guys, any hints/tips to help robot stop tipping atm

My team has had the same problem. What we did to keep it from tipping was reducing the ground clearance and moving the wheels father apart.

And we also added a “tail” that flipped out with a motor to the back of our robot. But, i really don suggest using it unless you want to troll :D.
(side note: the tail also “clapped” so that when we were winning we could give ourselves a round of applause :D)

We also took ALL (literally all) of our screws and put them in a “box” made of 1x5 c channel to weigh down the robot in the center to lower the center of gravity.

Well… it would be helpful if you posted pictures of your robot… and also are you tipping forwards or backwards?

But in my experience at first I tipped over backwards so I raised my drive and added standoffs that stopped the tipping. (Anti Tip pegs) These However got caught on sacks when I drove around. So I moved my batteries more toward the center of the robot I also made my top roller super light (Before it weighed 1.2 pounds in standoffs and screws) this however made me tip forward a few times… This however was perfectly fine because most robots should be able to get back up once they tip forward…

On my new robot however because of its nature of being a back dumper I have some metal at trough height that is covered in anti slip mat that prevents me from tipping forwards if I try to lift over 20 sacks. (Probably more than I should have revealed about my new robot :wink: )

Anyways if you could post some pictures… the other thing is your drivers… if you are good and have enough practice you should be able to prevent most tips…

If you have access to an accelerometer you should be able to code it to help prevent tipping. One means of doing that is having it twitch the drive wheels in a direction of the tipping. This is what we were going to do to keep from tipping backwards when our driver kept moving forwards while scoring and having the base continue past the trough putting the robot at risk of tipping backwards. Once it reached a certain angle the wheels would reverse until the robot was level once again.

hi everyone, i just took it apart :frowning:

but i think mainly it was because wheels were really far of ground, i am changing it when i get some more supplies, probs didn’t help i only had a 1:1 ratio on my drive aswell :frowning:

anyway, will let you guys know what i did, thanks for the help

For my robot, we added a swinging support to the back. It doesn’t prevent the actual tipping (usually), but it does give us enough support to push ourselves back up once flipped.

We had a issue with tipping forward and we took a lead weight and used it as decoration which stopped us from tipping

This would not be legal, as the weight would then be functional, and no longer fall under a “non-functional decoration”. See Karthik’s ruling here.


While non-Vex lead weights are illegal, piles of flat metal can do the trick many times. “Boxes” of screws used as ballast weights help too and can be very dense.

Also if you have a second battery, you have to have an expander (that is still out of stock) - that’s not legal for a weight without it.

Lowering the center of gravity by adding weight and lowering the wheel base should help to keep your robot form tipping. Some of our teams use steel for the chassis to keep the center of gravity low. If you have a tower or lift of some sort, make sure to keep the center of mass close to the center of the robot to keep it form tipping.

good luck!

thanks for everyones advice, i fixed the problem by making the robot tip forward instead, and this then pushed the robot onto a set of omni wheels, which then pushed it back onto the mecanums, it worked well …

glad to hear that you got it working!

it worked really well, just we won semi decider (1), we lost the second by like 3 points, and in the end the third was lost by 40 points