Tipping Issues

We are using a mecanum drive train with a set of parallel arms. We are tipping in the front, so we attached rollers to prevent this. The rollers are keeping us stuck on the front so we cannot drive at all. Any suggestions?

make sure the front wheels *(rollers) don’t touch the floor (like .5cm off ground) and when the robot tips forward it lands on the wheels and then when at full extent flips back onto the mecanum wheels

this is what i did and it worked really well !

or … add omni wheels

^worked … only just …

They are off the ground right now, but we are getting stuck. We are trying to shift the arm back a few inches.

How far off the ground are the rollers? I would recommend making sure that if your robot is flat on the ground, that you can fit at least 1 sack between the rollers and the ground.

ok, you must b really front heavy … i suggest omni wheels then, might work for you

If you have room to place rollers, just move your mecanums further up to enlarge your polygon of support. Also, if you are really front heavy, i’m assuming it’s due to your intake. Start replacing parts of your intake with lexan. Not only will it reduce the strain on your lift, it will help your tipping issues. You may want to consider dead weight or move your battery as well. Another thing you may want to try is reinforcing your lift system with linear slides rather than cross braces. I’ve never done it but it may lower more weight and help your arm. You can also try corrective programming