Tipping over

Hey everyone. At our last two competitions i noticed our robot has the tendency to tip pvee but it always tips forward instead backwards. Is there any way we can fix this without putting anti tip in the front and if we were to put anti tip in how should we go about it?

-Daniel Gurwah
Driver for team 53C

Well, it means that your center of gravity is moving forward enough to cause your robot to rotate forward. There is only one way to prevent this, but many ways to implement it. You could move your lift further back in your chassis. (not always possible) You could add more weight to the back of the robot. You could add anti-tip devices that extend out the front. Many ways to do this. Elastic loaded arms that extend forward when your lift is raised for the first time, etc. Many creative ways to accomplish this.

Something that also helps is putting your base as low to the ground as possible by moving your motors and wheels up a couple of holes on your base. It doesnt stop all tipping, but it will surely help your robot stay mostly grounded.

Thank you for your response, we were thinking about making a smaller drivetrain and putting anti tip in the front and making sure that the wheel are moved more closely to the front of the chasis.

If you make a bigger chassis with wheels that are all the way in the front that should work as well.

The easiest fix as long as it doesn’t affect your performance is to bolt a few plates to the bottom of your chassis to balance and lower the center of gravity. Don’t forget to account for the potential payload of stars and cubes.

To really be able to help to our fullest capabilities, would you mind posting pictures of your robot?