Tipping over

If my robot tips over and I’m outside of the horizontal expansion limit for a couple seconds before I right myself would this be a violation that is punishable by DQ/Disablement or would I just be given a warning assuming it doesn’t happen all the time.

You should be fine as long as S1 isn’t violated and you don’t affect the outcome of the match (ie your fall prevents an opponent from getting to their parking platform or a post…

If it’s repeated it could be an issue, but if it only happens once you’re probably fine.

So, if you do it and it affects the match, or if you have a habit of breaking the rule, you could be disqualified.

Watch the video training video - if you need to tip over to get on platforms, you are intentionally using the tipping to score and will be subject to DQ as you needed to do the manouver to score. Watch the referee training video - it does a good job of explaining this.

Thank you for all the answers, it’s just incidental tipping if we lift our lift really fast and then jerk it back the other direction.

Starstruck and other games had similar issue, so they used anti-tip bars to hold structure up …

Yeah that’s an option we’re looking into