Tipping Point 2 motor vs 4 motor drivetrains

Hi, so our team has a bar lift that uses 3 motors (we don’t have access to pneumatic) which reaches the platform and a 4 motor drive train. We are planning to add either another smaller lifting mechanism or a conveyor for rings.
I’m wondering whether we should switch to a 2 motor drive train so that we have more motors…I guess what I’m asking is really the pros and cons of 2 motor and 4 motor drive train, especially in relation to Tipping Point…
We are a new team this is our first time in VEX. Help!

You should never have to use a two motor drive. If you are currently using seven motors and want a ring conveyor, just one motor should work fine.


I would advise staying with a four-motor drive as speed is relatively important in this game, especially during the autonomous period where teams are trying to get to the center mobile goals as fast as possible. Additionally, two motors for the drivetrain is on the weak side if carrying goals when trying to drive up the platform. Some teams have been opting for a six-motor drive for these reasons, but given that you do not have pneumatics, that would not be a viable option. Additionally, two motors geared appropriately for a lift should work just fine instead of three motors.
In conclusion, I would suggest you allocate your motors as follows:

  • Four motor drive

  • Two motor lift

  • One motor tilter

  • One motor intake


you really don’t need 3 motors on your lift at all, 2 motors is more than enough and you can get away with 1 even. (unless by 3 motor lift you mean 2 of the motors are lifting and a third is on a clamping mechanism, in which case that’s pretty good).

But as others have said, 2 motor drive really isn’t viable at all this season. The goals are heavy, climbing is pretty intensive, and the defense is insane. in fact, 6 motor drive has been very strong this year, but it’s hard to pull off without any pneumatics, so I would just stick to 4 in your case. You have another motor you can put towards another lifting mech or a ring conveyor without taking any motors from your other systems, so you can just do that.


Thank you! I’ll bring this up to my team and we’ll consider this motor allocation. It seems pretty reasonable to me!


Yes currently we do have 2 of the motors as lifting and a third one as a clamping mechanism. Thank you for the advice - we’re gonna stick to 4 motor drivetrain.


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