Tipping Point - 3D Printable Ring

The program I am using to print won’t allow me to change thickness from what it’s already at, but that’s good to know.

Have you considered using a more capable program, such as Cura or Slic3r? I haven’t heard of a slicing program before that doesn’t allow for infill below 10% or changing of wall thickness.

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I actually AM using Cura, but this is my first time ever using it, so my STEAM coach may know how to show me how to do this in the program. I’m doing a lot of “learning on the go” as it were.

What program are you using?

Going off what sazrocks said, I’d reccommend Cura as it works great with most printers and is very customizable.

Edit: To change infill, go under the profile menu under infill


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Thank you so much, this is super helpful! My team 3D-printed it on a Dremel 3D40 using the Dremel DigiLab 3D Slicer. For anyone else using that printer, we used 7% infill and 0.8 mm thickness, which got us rings that were 35-37 g.

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