Tipping Point - 6 points for auton win?

V2.0 of the game manual changes a auton win to be worth only 6 points. Or the same as two rings in a low branch. Or just about worthless.

Completely devalues the role of the programmer.

Oh well.

not at all, auton is more important this year than it has ever been in the past, regardless of the bonus. (there really doesn’t even need to be a bonus at all, it’s that important on it’s own)

see this topic for discussion why:


Life is about change and adapting.

Each team should certainly evaluate the game on their own. Time is a limited quantity; if your team decides that auton isn’t worth spending time and effort on, then it could be an opportunity to focus on other aspects. Maybe your programmer could focus on features to make your driver’s life easier. Programming isn’t just about auton routines.

Identify how you think you want a match to play out, and work towards that. Assuming you plan on attending multiple events, re-assess your beliefs against your actual experience, and don’t be afraid to change focus.