Tipping Point Design Concept - 2 Mogos in Under 1 Second

One question: what sim software is this?

It’s not exactly “sim” software, but I animated this in Blender. The rings and stuff move due to some simply rigid body physics I set up, but the rest is done by hand.


Oh god. I was thinking this was a diamond-in-the-rough CAD software. Blender is out of my expertise.

You say this, but it likely isn’t. There’s a bit of a learning curve, yes, but it’s easy to get started, and the software does like, all of the work for you.

It’s just a matter of moving the different pieces where you want them at different times and clicking i to add a keyframe.

I design the models and stuff I need in Inventor, then I import them into Blender and rig them/add textures.


Cool idea but arent you only allowed to use 6 motors with pnuematics?

This season you can use up to 8 motors with or without pneumatics – more discussion here:


I spy with my little eye someone who hasn’t read the game manual.


Looks like you aren’t going for the win point. Is this an intentional compromise? < I know you know this. Just It looks like you think getting a couple more goals is more important.

I feel like this strategy is even less viable now, because you can’t score any points with those neutral goals in the autonomous period.

Could you clarify this? Why wouldn’t you score points for the neutral goals here? The bases are touching the foam tiles in the Alliance Home Zone…

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Mobile goals can only be scored at the end of a match. The only way to score pints in auton is rings on alliance goals.


Yikes!! That sucks. I saw the Q&A clarified no elevated goals or bots for auton, but hadn’t realized it was now no goals at all.


That is the way the rule reads. It does seem kind of weird though. Here is a q and a asking for confirmation: