Tipping Point Entanglement

What is considered Entanglement in Tipping Point? The Game Manual mentions it only coming into play when hooking, grabbing, trapping, etc. another Robot, but the Inspection Checklist states that a Robot cannot have any attachments/parts designed to hook, grab, trap, etc. another Robot and any Field Elements.

My team wants to hook onto Mobile Goals to move them around. Would this be considered Entanglement?

The rule for inspection is to prevent robots that are specifically designed to latch onto other robots. The rule in the manual is to prevent any sort of entanglement, whether intentional or intentional. Even if your robot is not designed to entangle another robot, you can still be DQed for entanglement if you use your robot in some way to entangle another robot.


No it would not be. If grabbing onto mobile goals was entanglement then basically everyone’s robot wouldn’t pass. The rule is designed to prevent latching onto other robots, not things like mobile goals or rings. You will be fine making something to hook onto mobile goals.

Obviously manipulating game elements like mobile goals is allowed. However, using a manipulator to grapple onto other robots or field elements like the walls is not allowed.