Tipping Point Meta

Hi guys, What do you think the meta will be for the 2021-2022 game, Tipping Point?

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I think it may be a quick tank drive chassis, a mechanism like what was used in ITZ for moving mobile goals, and then maybe a conveyer belt or even a claw. It will definitely be interesting. This doesn’t look like it will be an overly hard game, but one with multiple ways to win.

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I agree with Wazbk, the hardest part will be finding the best mechanism to pick up the ringles


Do you think that the teams will build a lift of some sort to reach the higher mobile goals or stick to the ground?

I plan on doing a thin double reverse 4-bar lift

something that can be used at any height efficiently


I am not sure. For me I may just build like a very simple claw bot arm lift just to have the possibility of it but may not use it. I think this will be all about the efficiency of grabbing the rings as quickly as possible.

I think this is a great idea, normally I use 200 rpm (green cartridge) for drivetrain but this year I might use 4 x 600 rpm (blue cartridge) motors with mecanum wheels to have that extra mobility.

Ringles! I’m using that!


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I would use the four green and gear them up. The meccanum wheels will put a ton of strain on the blue motors

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I feel like standoffs can easily get in the gap between the rings and the floor

I’ve already drawn up sketches for my team. We think the top hook of the middle tower worth 10 points will be like the middle tower in TT. If you can reach it, kudos, but if not, it’s not the immediate end of the world.

That being said, we’ll be the ones trying for that 40 inch tall hook. Well try a 4m 5:3 ratio with 200rpms for mobility,a thin dr4b as to not add much weight, a mobile goal system that will hoard a goal similar to itz, and as for a ring intake, we’re not so sure. Our though is to do a pair of parallel conveyors w/flaps to bring the rings upwards and stack rings up and reverse the conveyor to outtake, but a system where you slide the rings onto a rod, and slide said rod onto one of the goals sounds much easier and faster

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precisely, there’s a 0.62 inch gap under the ring

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I think that the top hook will be important because each ring up there is worth 10 points. Comparing that to other point values. It is about 3x more than lower scores, 1/2 of auton, 1/3 of parking bonus, and 1/4 of mogals on the platform per each ring. So I think with multiple rings especially it will be a viable stratigy.

The issue with this is that if you spend the entire match scoring up there then the other alliance can sneak in a the end and steal you 100+ points.


i think hoarding the ringles is the play
then slapping them on the balance beam so nobody can grab them


I think we could do this while also trying to hold the tall goal for the entire match. I think this game is mostly about being greedy and hoarding everything until the last possible minute

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I think this idea for an intake would be cool, Team 118 Robonauts 2013 - YouTube (watch from 21 to 23 seconds)

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that’s why you have a goal holder, so the goal goes where you go

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You are only allowed to hoard 1 goals though. Seems like that will hurt the rest of your play.

i doubt, and there’s only 3 swing goals among 4 teams, you can’t expect all three teams are not gonna take a goal for themselves

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