Tipping Point Motor Limits

We are aware that maximum amount of motors allowed this year is eight, and that the maximum amount of pneumatics is two. However, we are trying to figure out if those two things can be added on top of each other (i.e. ten total systems), or if the pneumatics would take the place of two of the motors. Any information would be appreciated.

You are allowed up to 8 motors AND a legal pneumatics system that contains up to two reservoirs. I think you are allowed only two pneumatics but you would have to check the game manual for that.

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Game manual

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You are allowed up to 8 motors along with a pneumatics system of up to 2 reservoirs at 100psi, you can use as many pistons as you want as long as it can be powered by the system.


Well, this doesn’t mean anything! You are allowed two air reservoirs and an unlimited number of pneumatic cylinders (or air cylinders).

Unless you plan to start calling V5 Smart motors “armatures” (referring to a single moving component within the smartmotor), then please stop calling pneumatic cylinders “pistons” (again referring to a single moving component within the air cylinder). I think it’s important that robotic students should learn to use proper terminology. I work in the industry, and I’d lose my job for incompetence if I started calling pneumatic cylinders “Pistons”!


Good to know, thanks @kmmohn

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Thank you all very much! These were exactly the answers we were looking for.

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