Tipping Point Plans

What are your plans for your robot next year. My plan is 600 RPM 4 motor drivetrain geared down 1 to 2.
It will be a clawbot with a vertical claw to make picking up easier with two of the lift sticks to carry the mogos.

Im planning to get my bot done by august and reiterate about every month, with the robots being ready whenever the next competition is available.


might wanna look at a different gear ratio, i could be wrong, but that ratio plus the weight of 2 mogos including rings (8+ pounds) won’t get you up the see saw and your motors might burn out a bit

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300 rpm is a reasonable drive speed, built right it would probably be ok, but that would be about the fastest speed I’d use this year.

With the rise of pneumatics I think some high level teams will build transmissions to be fast when they’renot holding a mogo and strong when they are.

I also think mogo only strats will be successful for a good portion of the season.


I think early on we’ll see a more ringle + mogo designs just due to the fact that building a good and efficient mogo bot is quite a feat. I know personally I’m going to stick simple and have a mogo + ringle bot at least early season, but we might see more mogo bots as the season progresses

I’m looking at a design that can score rings and carry 2 mogos.

You’re in danger of hoarding mobile goals with that design.

Also, there might be a more efficient method of picking up rings.
Smaller forklift with pusher.

Screenshot 2021-05-26 9.57.25 AM

As far as I know, none of these designs satisfy the requirements to be considered hoarding a goal.

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You’re in danger of hoarding with any design; the difference is whether you actually do it or not.

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Well since my team is not allowed to go back to school until August, our summer goal is just to CAD out the robot on Solidworks, and possibly have our programmer create the code for driver control.
(Concerning the third wheel, the see-saw in the game was giving my team Turning Point Vibes)
Once we do get back to school, we plan to dedicate the entire month to building in August. Aiming for a 3-week buffer zone before our first tournament, we want to dedicate that time for autonomous and driver control practice. Hopefully, we can get to our first tournament in late September or early October.


you’re not going to need a third wheel like that. in fact, the clearance with the ground will increase when climbing a platform, so that wheel there will almost certainly never make contact with anything.

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Hmmm do you think I should replace it with another omni-wheel or just remove it in general?

Unless you want a drive that can’t be pushed from the side, then I’d just get rid of it.

Hmmm ok thanks for the advice

Thanks @YogurtBoy

The transmission would be easy to build but the motor limit makes it impossible/ or a waste of motors

(You make the transmission out of pneumatics)

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couple of suggestions for your cad

  1. turn on large assembly settings on the top right corner. The CAD will run a lot smoother
  2. The gap between the 2 c channel can be greatly shortened. 3 holes i n between are more than enough space for just the wheel / thin gears, 4 if you’re doing chain or HS gear. It simply conserved space since mogos are huge
  3. Your front wheel is currently not powered, you might want to add another motor or add a chain
  4. Center 2.75” is not needed, I’ll suggest either changing to 3.25” traction or just remove it. You can drive straight up the platform this year since the ramp goes straight to the ground