Tipping Point Resources from the BLRS Wiki

Tipping Point Resources:

Dear returning and new teams for VRC,

Welcome to the new season of VRC! We hope to provide you a list of resources to our articles that might aid you well this season.

For Lifts:

Lifts will be a crucial part of this year’s game. We hope these help in your design choices. Scissor lifts are a normally underrated choice but this year have the potential to shine.

For Chassis:

VEX Electronics:

We hope you enjoy our articles, and feel free to post any suggestions and or other articles from our Wiki that may help teams this season!

Progress Announcement:

Dear VEX Community,

First off, we apologize for the lack of communication since our last post. All the members of our team are College students and finals hit hard this year. After all, we are a small team of 3 on the Purdue end of things.

Second off, we have some new features on the Wiki that we believe will help you with the new season! Here’s a list:

  • Revamped Scissor Lift Article
  • We highly recommend you check this article out, as we briefly discuss a way to build scissor lifts without linear sliders that might very helpful for the game this year.
  • Reorganized Electronics Section (Sorted articles both by VEX and General electronics, as well as the sensors by V5 and ADI).
  • Fixed formatting issues on many articles.
  • Fixed wording on DR4B article relating to center of mass

Finally, here’s what we have in progress right now:

  • Revamp to Puncher Article
  • Fixes to V5 ESD Protection Board (Currently in Testing Phase)
  • Article on Rotation Sensor (Trying to figure out how to explain Hall effect in concise way)

We’ve also designed a new logo (WIP), and revamped the VAW server to serve solely as the Wiki development server. Here are both below:

New Logo: (Interim, new similar logo ships in 8 weeks)

We appreciate your continued support and readership of our articles!

  • The Purdue SIGBots Wiki Development Team


Looks like it shipped a little sooner than 8 weeks :D.