Tipping Point Rule clarification

Does the robot have to detach from the goal in the autonomous round?

Can you tell us what rule in the game manual you would like clarified…

keep in mind that the game manual tells you things that you MUST do, and things that you are PROHIBITED from doing. It can’t tell you everything you might do, so if the game manual does not prohibit an action, then it is legal.


I’m presuming you want to know if a goal is worth points if the robot is still holding/contacting it during the end of autonomous, and the answer to that is yes.

take a look at the scoring section of the game manual to see what the scoring conditions for the game are. Notably, you’ll find that goals are not required to be not touching any robots to count for points.

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OK once the bot has moved the goal off the AWP line, can it still be touching the goal when time runs out?

I’m confused where you got this from, because scoring note 6 states that this is not true:

  1. Contact with foam tiles, Platforms, and / or Robots does not affect whether a Mobile Goal is considered Scored. Contact is only relevant when determining whether a Mobile Goal is Elevated (see the definition of Elevated for more information).
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Yes, of course. Unless it’s with balanced mobile goals, touching them with your robot does not matter. At the end of autonomous or at the end of a match, if the mobile goal has crossed the AWP or is on your side of the field, it will in fact count.

I think @Xenon27 just worded it strangely. I think he is saying that it will count and that their idea of the goal not counting is a no. But you are entirely correct. Scoring note 6 makes this very obvious that the goal will count.

If you are looking at the definition of “cleared” in the game manual, the requirement is that the mobile goal is not touching the AWP line or Neutral zone. Since the definition says nothing about the mobile goal touching your robot, then it is OK. What you do with the mobile goal after you pick it up is another story… see the “scoring” section for those details.

Thank you all. This is what we were thinking just wanted to make sure.

I think in the future it would help to explain your thinking, the definitions and rules you are referring to in the Game Manual. It will greatly speed up getting the response you are looking for. @kmmohn is correct to first shed light to the Game Manual you and your team read.

Well crafted posts are informative for other teams to help and also to learn from.

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yeah idk why I worded it like I did, I meant to say “no, you don’t have to let go of the goal for it to count”

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