Tipping Point Scoring App

The Unofficial Vex Scoring App now supports Tipping Point! It has modes for in person matches, skills, and Live Remote matches, as well as quick access to the Game Manual and its appendices. This app was made with a focus on being able to quickly find and confirm match scores, compare strategies, and learn about this year’s challenge. It’s compatible with most all devices, as it can run in a browser or as an application if downloaded. Check it out at https://vexscoring.app/. Next Stop: Pitching In.

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This looks really nice and clean. And now I won’t have to do mental arithmetic when scoring.



But seriously, this is a lifesaver. Scoring is a pain. Last year this was the app I relied on, and I look forward to using it this year too. Thanks, @Chris_3553B


As an ios user, vrc hub is not currently usable for me. So I’m really happy to have this as an alternative to using an abacus. And even if vrc hub worked, I’d probably use this anyway because the interface is nicer in my opinion.

Great app all around.