Tipping Point Strategy Mapping Tool

One of my teams programmers spent valuable time making this cool strategy mapping thing.

Link: Field Map
Repository Link: https://github.com/Poetic1843/vrc-map

Left Click - Add Point
Right Click - Add Ring
Shift + Left Click + Mouse Drag - Move Points + Mogos
Number Keys - Change Point Colors (kinda like steps)
Control - Align to Grid
Type a name into the box in top right to create a new strategy. To access strategy retype strategy name.
Control + Z - Undo
Control + Y - Redo
Drag to Trash - Deletes object (not the best implementation)

To scale elements and field. (Value between 2 points is theoretically accurate)…if he did his math right.
Color coordinating steps.
Strategy naming and saving. (Locally)
Grid alignment.

Unfortunately I endorsed this behavior and now there are plans to add…
Support for BĂ©zier Curves.
Exporting values to vexcode for quick dirty program creation.
More useful angle values.
Better value rending.
Probably more.

Feel free to submit a PR for a feature or submit issues. This is a work in progress and has some bugs. GUI isn’t the prettiest but it’s pretty easy to change if you don’t like it. Also it doesn’t have mobile support.

Doesn’t have many practical uses but its useful for putting strategies into the notebook and visualizing strategies before you spent time really making them.

Credit to @iseau396 on Github


Yo that’s super cool nice job!


It would be great if the distances this shows are in inches rather than cm because the rules and field elements are in inches.


You can just convert to inches

Dang this is pretty cool ngl

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Yes, I can also draw a field on paper and use a ruler and protractor. Having a computer do things is easier.


Sure that’s pretty easy. If you could make an issue on the repo that would be great because I will not remember and my teams programmers don’t check forums.

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and i present to you the best possible skills route. I will not elaborate.


It’s pretty elaborate.


What a helpful tool for planning and communicating strategy. Thank you for sharing.

To everyone that bookmarked the link. In has been updated because originally the repo was private and owned by me when it was being developed but there was still a public GitHub pages site. To have a public repo + GitHub pages active you need GitHub pro. I have GitHub pro my programmer doesn’t. Now the repo is public so GitHub pro isn’t needed so he wants ownership of the repo.

Reading this back I realize no one probably bookmarked this or even cares why the link was updated but here ya go.

New Link: Field Map
Repository Link: https://github.com/iseau395/vrc-map

Also thanks for the feedback on the project.


Side note: Your programmer (assuming they are a school student) can get free GitHub Pro https://education.github.com/discount_requests/student_application

Yeah I know, they just haven’t. Don’t know why. They know they can. Just haven’t.

I noticed the lack of toggling between alliance and skills modes in this new version. Is there a reason for that?

There is now a settings button in the bottom right with some toggles. Pardon if there are some bugs the dev is porting it to svelte for some reason. Just submit an issue or let me know here.


It doesn’t work for me anymore