Tipping Point Team Rankings - Match Play

I’ve modified the code I used to analyze match results from RobotEvents.com to gather data for Tipping Point. Currently only has 2 events worth of data.

URL is http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Feedback is welcome


one interesting data point to display could be match records. Highest score for an alliance, highest total scoring match, lowest scoring match, that kind of thing. Might be fun to keep track of.

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I need to go back and check whether this distribution is for all matches or just qualification matches. Is this what you were thinking, or did you mean a specific one for elimination rounds?



I meant just like season-wide record matches. That chart kind of demonstrates that I suppose because you could look at the highest or lowest data point on the winning side, but it doesn’t show things like the highest total score by both alliances for the whole season.

It’s less of a bulk data type thing and more just a fun little set of record matches.


Got it; I’ll see what I can do over the next few days.


There’s now a “Fun Stats” tab. Currently shows the highest winning scores by round and the highest losing scores by round.


great, that’s exactly what I’d pictured. It’s a fun statistic that’s typically very difficult to track without something like this.


Rankings have been updated based on yesterday’s Michigan competition. I’ve added a “Rankings Changed” column, which shows how a team moves up and down the leaderboard on a weekly basis.

Events that have the word “Scrimmage” or “Remote” in the name are excluded.

Some events in regions such as NZ, Oz, and China do not appear to report scores to RobotEvents and therefore I cannot include them.

There appears to be an issue with one of the team’s data from the 8/14 Michigan competition. The team is not currently visible in my stats, but once it appears in RobotEvents, I believe it will gain “credit” for the matches it played.


Rankings at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ have been updated and include this past week’s tournament in Kazakhstan.

I’ve added a breakdown of AWP success rate on a weekly basis.

Next week looks to have a Michigan and California competition.


Rankings thru the Dublin competition (8/29) are in.


Congratulations to 8031A (Rampage) for moving up 11 spots to take the top slot. Our first Chinese team debuts at 9th, with team 906Y, and the addition of team 11101B from California at number 11.

September seems to have few competitions, with the season starting in earnest the weekend of 2-October