Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 05-DEC-2021

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Lots of activity this past week, including a Michigan Mega League Championship and 2 Signature Events - one in Taiwan, the other at WPI. I watched some of the two Signature Event matches on-line and was incredibly impressed with the quality and depth of field. Very tough competitions indeed. Tip of the hat to 60470S (Semicolon) and 169A (The Cavalry) for winning WPI against 9364C (IronEagles “Speed of Light”) and 9364A (IronEagles AJAX) in a Bo3 going the distance. Formosa saw 453X and 980S (Skywalker) narrowly defeat 4253H (Raid Zero H) and 66799A (AST-onishing A) 2 matches to 1.

Overall we saw over 3500 matches played this week, with a season total nearing 15,000 matches, played by nearly 4200 teams. AWP success rate for the week was just over 10%, with the season success rate hovering in the 8-9% range.

A large number of tournaments in Texas may have contributed to 4 of the Top 10 teams calling the Lone Star state home. We have 580X (Patriots) taking over the top slot. 66799A (AST-onishing A) jumps 40 slots into the Top 15 as the highest ranking non-American team. I believe our highest ranked new-comer is 2114X (I’m Back) from Utah just inside the Top 200.

For skills, it looks like we’ve had several teams join the 500 point club. Will anyone be able to crack 600? And if so, how soon?

Looks like there are a fair number of pre-Christmas Break tournaments this coming weekend. Best wishes to all competitors!