Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 06-FEB-2022

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

The Home Stretch has begun for many teams! I believe Georgia starts out the State Tournaments this upcoming weekend.

This week saw nearly 3500 matches played, and the AWP success rate continues to hover in that 8-9% range. All-in-all, that seems to be a reasonable sweet-spot for risk/reward/effort. Well done to the GDC for making the autonomous period very strategic this year!

The Signature Event at Lambeau Field looked like a lot of fun. Freedom Gladiators and PiBotics teamed up to win at least their second Signature Event together. Both teams have been very dominant this season - great robots, great driving, and great autonomous routines. Tip-of-the-hat to them!

With the result, Freedom Gladiators now sit atop the rankings.

I have a few improvements in the works - namely a bit better of a way to search through the Match Videos, now that there are more than 2200. After watching my teams use the match predictor at Kalahari when the tournaments match-schedule came out, I’ve added a schedule analysis (that works both day-of and historically). For example, 4082B’s results from Green Bay:

With all the League Events running during the week, I’ve actually been running updates almost daily, but just posting the weekly summary. An indicator at the top shows when the rankings were last calculated. The ranking-change column goes back 7 days from the last calculation.

Best wishes to teams in the hopes they finish the season strong. Work on those skills runs, and get that extra little bit out of your robots!


Somehow I missed 323V hitting a new high-score for Skills - congratulations on cracking 650 with a total score of 656! Very impressive!