Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 06-MAR-2022

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

I believe this is the penultimate weekend of Regionals. There have now been over 50,000 matches played this season by more than 7500 teams. AWP success rate is now just above 8.5%.

A bit of a shakeup in the Top 10 as PiBotics flips spots with 580X (Patriots).

Good luck to teams who still have their Regional Competitions. For teams who have qualified and will attend World’s - best wishes in those preparations!


Thanks for posting this all season. Will you add a column to sort by VEX Worlds Division?


I’ll add that column back into the Event Rankings table. I’m not sure when they’ll allocate the teams to the divisions, it might not be until after everyone has checked in, so the “Full Season Stats” tab may just be all the teams. I’ll see if there’s anything I can try ahead of time. Direct link to World’s:


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Where are you hosting this?

If I told you, you wouldn’t have the fun of learning how to find that out. For those who know how the internet works, it should be straight-forward to find out.


Raspberry Pi 4, 8MB of memory on a FIOS link in the closet. It’s his primary heat source for the winter.


But how exactly would you figure out where it’s being hosted?

You wouldn’t get this from any other guy, but here’s a hint


Why are half the sites on the Internet rickrolls.

It’s a pretty good example of how humans think: we have an almost magical thing that allows us to communicate almost instantaneously with people around the world and share information that anyone can see, and what do we use it for? Trying to trick people into clicking on a link to a music video.


To be fair, the original purpose for the series of tubes we now call the “Internet” was to share cute cat pictures, and certainly never to share information between universities and large-scale scientific research facilities.