Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 09-JAN-2022

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Welcome back from Winter Break! The season is starting back up in 2022 with a few events this past week, with about 1500 matches played, bringing the season total to nearly 21,500, played by nearly 5200 teams. The AWP success rate continues in the 8-9% range.

The top of the leaderboard seems to be stabilizing; the biggest splash seems to be 675A (Robodragons Alpha) from Georgia moving up 31 slots to rank 17. Several other big moves in the Top 100 outside the Top 20:

  • 70857B (STEMpunk) up 47 to number 28 out of Florida
  • 675D (Robodragons Delta) up 204 to number 44 out of Georgia
  • 2011C (Crazy Train) up 112 to number 61 out of Ohio
  • 33848B (The IRS) up 130 to number 63 out of Louisiana

Skills scores continue to improve, with a fair number of teams topping 500. At a state level, I think Michigan having an average skills score of 183 based on 187 teams and Indiana with an average skills score of 166 based on 138 teams are very impressive, as is Taiwan with an average of 240 based on 32 teams.

I’ve indexed several more YouTube livestreams; special thanks to @holbrook for sending an event’s matches pre-indexed! If you have matches you’d like to see here, send me a link along with the Event and match number.

I’ve added a new “fun” tab where a user can compare two different states to see how their competitive landscapes compare. It will show 3 histograms:

  • Number of teams bucketed by TrueSkill rank
  • Teams binned by CCWM (which has a high correlation to teams’ win-rate)
  • Number of teams bucketed by Total Skills scores

This week looks to pick up the early-December pace of competitions, with the big Kalahari Signature Event the following week. Best wishes to competitors as the season resumes!