Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 10-OCT-2021

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Still sorting thru some odd RobotEvents data for a handful of leagues, most notably:


Between the MI League events and tournaments in CA and TN, we have an addition of 200+ matches this week. AWP continues to hover around 8% of alliance-matches.

Congratulations to team 2140A for jumping 74 spots to number 7 as well as team 3303S for jumping 96 spots to number 11. Team 29760C bounded up over 200 spots with an impressive win in CA. And the highest ranked newcomer looks to be 9364J from TN at number 24.

We saw a number of season high scores this week:

  • 388 total points in a Finals match between 29760C, 3303S (214) against 11101A and 11101B (174)
  • 349 total points in a SF match between 11101A and 11101B (207) against 254B and 3303D (142)

Top spots for Skills remain the same, though we did see a pair of teams hit over 350 combined.

I’ve shifted around the layout of the Event Research tab a bit to make it less cluttered and hopefully somewhat more usable for scouting. Feedback is welcome.


11101A is probably the first robot I have seen compete (besides the robots in China) that can score on the smaller branches of the neutral mogos. I wonder if any teams will follow suit.