Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 14-NOV-2021

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Another week with the most matches played to date at over 2000, representing in 1 week nearly 25% of the season total, at just over 8000 matches, played by over 2800 teams. AWP continues to hover in that 8-10% range, currently at 8.9%

We had 2 Signature Events over this weekend, one at Speedway, the other the Battle By the Beach. Something may have gone wrong with the upload to RobotEvents, as it’s not clear what happened during the elimination rounds at Battle. Over at Speedway, 323V (Gears) paired with 38141B (PiBotics) to win a berth to Worlds.

With that Signature win, PiBotics now holds the top slot, followed by 4082B (Freedom Gladiators) and then their partner at Speedway 323V (GEARS).

4478D (D.E.N.N.I.S) leaps 197 slots to hit number 12. As it becomes harder for new teams to crack the top 50, we see 53073N (The Jawas) from Louisiana debut at number 43.

Outside the US, we have 3204E (SPC Bots Evaristus) at 15, followed by 66799A (AST-onishing A) from Taiwan at 29, and 906Y (HIC robot) from China at 30.

We also now have over 800 matches linked to YouTube videos.

Congratulations to all teams, hopefully everyone has analyzed what went well and what can be improved.

Best wishes to all competitors!


At Battle by the Beach HS, Patriots 580x and Cerulean Blue 29560x won finals.

Hopefully they’ll get results posted soon; robot events updating was spotty for that event - very frustrating!


Middle School champs were @Calamity3324B and 11101C with 15979K winning excellence and qualifying for worlds.

The middle school was especially bad because it became very misleading after a while.