Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 16-JAN-2022

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

The Tipping Point season pace picked back up to mid-December levels with more than 3000 matches played this week, bringing the season total to nearly 25,000 matches played by nearly 5600 teams! The AWP success rate continues to hover in the 8-9% range.

The Top 10 remains pretty stable, with PigPen (6842Z) climbing 6 slots to claim the number 9 position.

I’ve indexed several more YouTube livestreams bringing the total to over 1500; special thanks to @holbrook for sending an event’s matches pre-indexed! If you have matches you’d like to see here, send me a link along with the Event and match number.

The SCORE Signature Event begins tomorrow and continues through January 18. With 8 out of the Top 100 teams attending, it will definitely be a very high quality event. RobotEvents lists a LiveStream at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL2Eb4tVctRWMGKFia-Vheg which should be entertaining. I’ll post an update after the Signature Event concludes, as it will likely shake things up.

Later in the week, the Kalahari Signature Events kick off, starting with the Middle School event and concluding with the High School Event. I’ll be there cheering my guys on, and excited to see all the hard work all the roboteers put into this. Definitely should be a high point of the season for many teams.

Best wishes to all competitors; several State-level tournaments begin in mid-February, so this may be the home-stretch for some teams!


I just saw the new matches between states feature. Although this is a really good idea, is there any plan to add a list format? The map is hard to use.

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