Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 17-OCT-2021

Rankings updated at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Still sorting thru some issues with the full match/ranking list from the MI Mega League. Also, it looks like a tournament from early October in China hit Robot Events, so it is included now.

Quite a few events (and Leagues) this past week, with a total of over 400 matches played. AWP success rate hovering between 8-9% with this week’s rate right around 6%.

Team 906Y claims the top spot out of China with a strong showing earlier in October, climbing 33 spots. Sister team 906B rose 78 spots to lay claim to number 8.

Quite a bit of activity out of California, with 45464Z climbing 64 spots to take over 5th place and 2496N with an impressive debut at number 10. 3759X rose 3 spots to number 11.

The first tournament in the United Kingdom saw team 3116A debut at number 21.

Team 29560X out of Texas debuts at number 38 after a strong showing. While team 59B starts out at number 43 out of Florida, and Georgia’s 1320A struck up at number 30.

I’ve added a tab where one can see the list of matches with YouTube videos, which teams may find useful for pre-competition scouting as well as gameplay strategy and robot design.

Several more leagues kick off this week and the weekend of 23-Oct looks set for even more tournaments than this past weekend.


A few mid-week changes of note:

  • The Michigan Mega League should have all matches now
  • Current as of matches thru 19-Oct (various leagues last night)
  • Added the ability to export to Excel many tables, which should help folks who want to physically print
  • Wide Rankings tab now allows user to hide columns
  • Decluttered Team Research and Event Research tabs
  • Began work on enhancing the REST API; DM me if you would be interested in using this