Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 19-SEPT-2021

Welcome to the Top 10 to our Kiwi friends, team 3204E. While the event contains the word “Scrimmage” in it, which I normally exclude, it seems to have run as a full competition, so I’ve included it. Not far behind, we have 1138A entering at number 11 after their first competition in California, along with 62F at number 12.

Team 1469A has set a new Skills high score with a driver score of 260 and a programming score of 121, for a total of 381

VRC competitors have played just under 400 matches, and the Autonomous Win Point success rate continues to hover just above 1%

The season looks to kick off in earnest the weekend of 2-OCT, and it is possible there won’t be any competitions before then.

Explore the data at: http://vrc-data-analysis.com/

Good luck to all!


I double-checked on the AWP success rate, and it turns out I was previously miscalculating it. This has been fixed; overall season AWP Success Rate is roughly 7%.

I’ve added “Margin of Victory” to the Cumulative Distribution plot. Of note, currently 33.5% of matches end with a margin of victory of 30 points or fewer