Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 26-SEPT-2021

I’ve updated the Tipping Point Team Rankings through this weekend. In the course of doing so, I eliminated a filter that was excluding competitions with the word “Scrimmage” in the name. This added some events from earlier in the season held in New Zealand, leading to a fair bit of reshuffling in the leaderboard.

3204E moves up 8 slots to number 2, and three more Kiwi teams join them in rounding out the new Top 10.

AWP success rate hovers around 6% overall.

If one infers a losing score of zero points as a DQ (I’m not aware of any matches being a “natural” shutout), the DQ rate would appear to be about 4% of all matches.

Best of luck as the season starts up in earnest in the States this weekend!


Reminder, on the “Event Research” tab, one can use it to follow along an on-going event