Tipping Point Team Rankings - Updated 27-FEB-2022

I’ve been updating the rankings at http://vrc-data-analysis.com/ roughly daily since my last post, but have not written up a summary for a while.

Many Regionals/States are having their final tournaments, and we are now at nearly 50,000 matches played (well, just over 47,000). AWP success rate has stabilized in the 8.25% range.

We’ve now had 2 teams top 700 points for Skills. Huge tip-of-the-hat to 8059A (Blank.) and 323V (GEARS).

For competitive match play, the Top 25 has been pretty stable for a couple of weeks. Notable additions are 2011C (Crazy Train) and 2990G (Titan Team Helios).

Shameless homer-ism: Congratulations to all in my home state of Illinois for wrapping up a fun State Event. I know a huge amount of effort went into hosting an event like that, and while there were some challenges on Friday, I think Saturday went very smoothly. Shameless Dad moment: I’m incredibly proud of my sons’ two teams, especially all the determination they showed in constantly working to improve. Back to shameless homer-ism: Especially to the Niles teams - congratulations on your success and setting a high bar as worthy competitors and class acts. Looking forward to representing Illinois well at World’s with you and the rest of our qualifiers. To the rest of the competitors, lets continue to raise the bar. Every tournament I went to, I saw lots of talent, passion, friendship, and energy - qualities the world needs more of!

Congratulations to all the teams whose seasons have concluded - for those who will be in high school next year, I hope to see you back at it. And for those graduating Seniors, I hope you have fond memories of your time in VRC and appreciate the time and effort those around you took to make that happen and how that can shape your futures.